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Angol kezdő , angol egyszerű mondatok, angol szókincs alap , angol nyelvtanulás otthon.

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Angol nyelv — emelt szint Azonosító jel: 0) A satnav isn’t always A) to notice anything was the cleverest gadget… wrong and kept driving. 1) Ms. Moreau set off B) to doubt she was approaching in her car… her destination. 2) Not even seeing a series C) to get you to your of signs in foreign destination. languages caused her….

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Angol nyelv — középszint Azonosító jel: Task 2 Read the following article, which contains useful advice for backpackers. Some parts of the text have been removed. You must complete the text by matching the numbers with the correct letters. There is one example (0) for you. There is a letter which.

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